Former Somali President Warns Against Electoral Process Changes, Citing Risks to National Stability

Former President Farmajo has issued a serious warning on his Facebook page regarding possible changes to the electoral process in Somalia.

He cautions against altering the form of government, the parliamentary process, and the multi-party system.

“Any deviation that is not properly executed risks returning the nation to instability,” he wrote.

Farmajo emphasizes that moving away from the parliamentary system and suspending the work of the Prime Minister is beyond the government’s authority and poses a threat to the nation’s destiny.

The Federal Parliament bears a ‘national and historic duty’ to exercise caution when considering changes that could result in social mistrust and political confusion.

Farmajo also underscores the importance of including the voice of the Puntland State Government, which is absent from the National Discussion Forum, stating that it is indispensable in the construction of the Somali government.

He reaffirms that the Somali people have the right to elect their leaders in a free, fair, and transparent manner.